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                        It’s been just over a month since I got back from the 2018 Ausmumprenuer Awards in Melbourne, my goodness what a ride it’s been.

Rewind to just over 6 months ago, I received an email into my inbox one casual Monday afternoon.


Having not really heard of the Ausmumprenuer Awards or Community before I read on, someone had obviously thought I was doing something ok.

Must be my mum or husband (for sure!)

 I fill out the application form and think nothing of it.

4 weeks later I receive another email –


 “WHAT,” I think to myself! As I read on I discover the judging and awards dinner are in Melbourne, “what the hell“

I had never really thought of myself as an entrepreneur, not sure if I even do now.

But I pack my bags and head to the big smoke non the less, my first solo trip ever without husband or children.

 I arrive in Melbourne to the 3-day conference. I am now rubbing shouldering with THE MOST incredible women.

I mean serious game changers. Women, mothers and entrepreneurs who are making a  difference, building schools, running charities, curing cancer.. that sort of stuff.

I rock up with my bag of Cleaning Products feel like a very small fish in a huge pond in absolute awe and humbled by some of these chicks.

I survived my Judging without having an anxiety attack, mainly because of friendships I made and support I was given whilst down there, but also because of awesome Judges that I had.

Awards night came, the gowns, the champagne, I felt like I was at Oscars!

(any excuse to wear a frock and I’m in)

My category was called and they announced 2nd & 3rd  place – it wasn’t us.

‘That’s that then’ I thought to myself.

I was honestly humbled to be there. 

When Simone Novello then announced GreenAddict as the Winner, I froze.  

I was surely hearing things, our little home business, the one that started in our laundry in WA just WON this National Award, this is INSANE.

I am very grateful to the person who nominated GreenAddict and to the Ausmumprenuer Founders – Peace & Katy for bringing this group of amazing women together. 

In a world of so much “frock blocking” (I heard this term yesterday, isn’t it great) it is so refreshing to be a part of a space that understands what it means to be a mother and create a business.

Empowering Women, Bringing Us Together and Allowing us to follow our Dreams

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