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Bleach Doesn't Kill Mould

Sorry to burst your bubble to my bleach lovers out there ... but your trusted cleaning pal does nothing to your grout but make it white! 

Ever bleached your bathroom within an inch of its life only to have the black mould come back within 7-10 days? 

That’s because the mould is not gone... it’s only now white! 

Mould is ALIVE its actually a type of fungi and it’s growing.

If you want to remove it you need to use a combination of oils, acids, and surfactants to penetrate and kill the spores and their roots.

But what about Clove Oil? 

Clove oil is only 1 ingredient needed to kill the mould.

It's like trying to back a cake with only flour, not going to work right.   

This s why many people say clove oil on its own doesn’t work., Clove oil is just 1 piece to the puzzle. 


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