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Eucalyptus - King of the Oils


Eucalyptus - King of the Oils 

Commonly referred to as the "King of the Oils" as SO many useful benefits in the home.

Not to be confused with its Copy Cat "Fragrant Oil “which has no cleaning or other benefits the pure essential oil is great for things like ;

  • Killing bacteria and virus
  • Coughs and colds
  • Allergens
  • Cleaning Bathroom and Toilet
  • Removing sticky marks off surfaces and walls (e.g glue / gum )
  • Freshening Laundry and removing bacteria
  • Floor Cleaner – unsealed floors is recommended
  • Deodoriser - eg Bins, Pet smells, nappy bins
  • Joint and muscle pain

For these reasons we use a high grade quality Eucalyptus Oil in a number of our products; including Here There & Everywhere and Dish Devotion

But be warned as this oil is such a great cleaner in it pure form, it is often comes mixed with alcohol so check your labels.

Also, be careful to leave the liquid to pooled on counter tops and hard surfaces for long period as it can start to corrode away at the material if not wiped off. 

There is also some evidence to support that strong eucalyptus is not safe for very young infants. Personally im not sure if this is the case but when it comes to babies I always steer on the side of caution. Plus if using any oils in a diffuser with babies under 2 years always leave a door open and check with your midwife or healthcare provider first.

Ways to use Eucalyptus Oil

  • You can use the oils straight from the bottle, dab onto a cloth and

          spot clean

  • Mix up a bottle of ¼ oil and water in a spray bottle and use all-purpose cleaner/ deodoriser
  • 1 capful in load of laundry
  • Capful in bucket to mop floors
  • Few drops in a diffuser or on a tissue to relieve coughs and colds
  • Few drops in toilet, clean with brush

I am no way affiliated with any essential oil companies.

You don’t need to buy the party plan “ingestible” essential oils to clean your counter and toilet, this is a complete waste of money.

Check online for wholesalers 250ML even 500ML bottles and have them shipped to your door. You are often getting a better quality oil with no fillers.  

Using essential oils to clean your home is a cost effective and easy way to create a toxin free environment for your family

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