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Cleaning Products as Bad as Smoking

So by now you have heard the that chemical cleaning products are bad for us and our families but did anyone know exactly HOW bad?

A recent study by the Scientists at Norway’s “University of Bergen” found that regular use of chemical cleaning products does as much damage to your lungs as smoking a pack a day!

Say What?

According to their study, women who used cleaning products regularly such as cleaners and nurses has increased conditions such as asthma and decreased lunch capacity.

They found that the lung function decline found in these women “was equivalent over the period to those with a 20-cigarette daily smoking habit”.

If you have ever suffered from asthma or you have a child that does, perhaps you have noticed some of the similar side effects referred to in this article.

Having worked as a cleaner myself for 5 years I can personally attest to the horrendous physical affects chemical cleaning products have on the body. Not just on the lungs, immune system, hormonal changes just to name a few.

This was, in fact, the primal reason why we started GreenAddict in the first place because our health was suffering from using commercial products and we could not find an alternative that worked. This is what I hear from so many customers, “green products don't work”.

Not all products are the same. Keep on searching until you find a product/range that suits your home and your family.

The study below was conducted over 8 years and with 6000 participants. Most were women, some were men.

And it gives me warm and fuzzies to see that people are standing up and taking notice of this issue. It's not glamorous and let's be honest cleaning products is boring AS right? But who can get through a day without using at least 1 household product? Why not use something that doesn't harm you and your family.


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