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Natural Bathroom Cleaner

For a Natural Bathroom Cleaner that actually works look for further than our Descaliere.

This powerful Natural Bathroom Cleaner removes limescale deposits and build-ups from shower screens, tiles, grout and any other areas with calcium build up without harsh chemicals and fumes. 100% Natural & Chemical Free our formula is plant and citric acid based to effortlessly dissolve build up on screens and kill bathroom bacteria. Recommended by cleaners and families alike keeping your bathroom gleaming, germ free and whilst still not exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals has never been so easy.

Descaliere - Natural Shower and Bathroom Cleaner and DeScaler

HARD WATER DESCALER AND CLEANER:  Get the powerful industrial and commercial strength that removes stains, spots, rust! Remove years of unwanted hard minerals. Remove etched in hard water build up, limescale...

Eco Cleaning Bathroom Kit

                         COMPLETE HOME NATURAL CLEANING SOLUTION Here, There & Everywhere - Natural All Purpose Surface Cleaner Descaliere - Natural Shower and...