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Natural Oven Cleaner

A miracle Natural Oven Cleaner and heavy degreaser which quickly and effectively dissolves all types of grease. Makes easy work of cleaning ovens, bbq’s, marks on walls, clothing stains, carpets & upholstery without the toxic fumes. Our “Grease Muncher” is widely used by customers in Australia as Natural Oven Cleaning Solution for is odourless, non toxic and powerful degreasing properties.
Grease Muncher is already one of our Best sellers for its versatility and powerfull Natural degreasing and cleaning ability.

Use in conjuction with a GreenAddict cloth and a non-scratch pad if required.

Grease Muncher - Natural Oven and Grill DeGreaser and Cleaner

MOST POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE FOOD GRADE GREEN CLEANER:  Safe for children, pets and plants.  PLANT-BASED NON-TOXIC OVEN AND GRILL CLEANER: Finally a non-toxic cleaner that actually works! This powerful Oven...