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Special Packs

Starter Pack - Complete Natural Home Cleaning Solution

THE GREEN ADDICT DIFFERENCE: Clean and Green Eco Cleaning household starter kit. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET STARTED   500 ML sized bottles Here, There & Everywhere - Natural All Purpose Surface Cleaner Descaliere - Natural Shower and Bathroom cleaner and Descaler Grease Muncher - Natural Oven and Grill De-Greaser and Cleaner Dish Devotion - Natural Dishwashing Detergent Twinkle Twinkle - Natural Mirror...

Sampler Pack

Do you like to try before you by?Then this LIMITED EDITION PACK is for you. This Pack comes with 1/2 size 250ML PET bottles and comes with ALL 8 products we currently stock. Allowing you to try everything 😃 $41.95 + PH (That’s only $6 a bottle 😱 While stocks last!