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About Us

Welcome to the Club

GreenAddict evolved out of the need for a truly eco friendly, all natural commercial grade cleaning product solution and our desire to create a toxin free home for families.

Whilst running a successful natural cleaning business for many years and experiencing the horrendous effect chemical cleaning products have on the body and the environment, my mother, Tara Ahern and I began to search to search for alternative solutions.

We tried product after product and failed to find an eco friendly and natural cleaning solution that was truly non-toxic, actually worked and was commercially viable.

So we decided to make our own!

Our Approach

Our approach is simple “because good planets are hard to find” we believe in cherishing, honouring and preserving THIS one.

We are dedicated to providing customers with the absolute purest eco friendly cleaning and household products free of:

  • parabens;
  • sulphates;
  • synthetic dyes;
  • fragrances or preservatives;
  • palm oil
  • petrochemicals.

Our colour coded range is designed for your convenience and is simple, solution for all your home or commercial cleaning requirements.

For sustainability, our packaging is fully recyclable and we offer a number of refill options and sizes to our customers.

Sharona, Founder of GreenAddict Products
GreenAddict Products' Founder and her family

Made for you

All our products have been made with not just your home but your body and spirit in mind. We use the highest quality ingredients in our entire range including pure essential oils when making our eco range.

Essential oils, unlike fragrant oils, have a variety of qualities including antibacterial, antiviral and emotional qualities.

Designed by us

When designing the GreenAddict all natural cleaning formulas we have carefully crafted and selected each oil for its particular quality and strength. From mould fighting capabilities to oils to uplift your mood and spirit, GreenAddict products do so much more than just clean your home.

Commercially Tested

Australian Owned and Made in QLD GreenAddict Products have been trialled and tested by commercial cleaners over many years.
All natural, Non-toxic eco friendly cleaning products that actually work!

"Because Good Planets Are Hard to Find"

Natural Ingredients

  • Locally Made and Owned
  • Use only Plant based and mineral ingredients
  • Contain only pure essential Oils
  • Vegan friendly
  • Commercial Grade (designed by cleaners)
  • Refill options for sustainability
  • Grey Water & Septic Safe
  • Recyclable packaging and refill options available

Natural Ingredients

We use the highest quality ingredients in our entire range including essential oils not synthetic fragrant oils. For thousands of years essential oils have been used by cultures around the globe not only for their aromatic qualities but for their healing, medicinal and purifying purposes.

GreenAddict Products only contain the highest quality oils sourced locally.

These oils which act as “active” ingredients in our range for their vast array of purposes including anti bacterial, anti viral and mould fight qualities just to name a few.

No Hidden Nasties

When you buy a GreenAddict Product, you know you are buying the best.

Our products are free from all hidden nasties and we pride ourselves on being 100% People, Planet and Pet friendly.

Our absolute promise is our products are free from :

  • SLS or SLES
  • EDTA or Palm Oil 
  • Triethanolamine or Propylene Gylcol
  •  Harsh Chemicals or Detergents
  • Synthetic Fragrances or colours 
  • Artificial Colours or Preservatives
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Vegan Friendly